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Education Check


With Tons Of Universities , Educational Institute's & Sector's our purpose to built warm free Educational Check's. PAN India Specific Check's. 

Litigation Check


PAN INDIA Litigation Check ON-LINE , OFF-LINE fully-functional Checks, Court Checks, Criminal Checks, Legal Tie-Ups. Court & Criminal Check is Prime Component for Screening. 

Employment Check


An employment check's is an invaluable part of the screening process.Background report has been developed to meet the requirements of most employers 

Financial Check


A credit check is an invaluable part of the screening process.Understanding a candidate's background can help to mitigate the risks.

Identity Check


An Identity Check Can Help to provide you with information you can use to be more confident about who exactly it is you are hiring.

Address Check


An employmee  Address check is an invaluable part of the screening process.Residential Background report has been developed to meet the requirements of most employers 

Drug & Alcohol Test Check


All Drug Test's come in the form of panel's where each panel is a Drug Being tested. For E.G:- 5 Panel, 10 Panel Or 12 Panel, 15 Panel Drug Test Check respectively.  

Credit History Check


Through the process of Credit Check customers are identified and verified through independent information or documents or credit bureau record that are reliable. . 

Reference Check


Having An Employment Reference Check will ensure you that you have safe & reliable employees, benefiting the entire company. 

Vendor Due Diligince


Customized and Credible solutions into Enhanced Due Diligence & Corporate Investigation to ensure that you’re individual and business interests are protected. 

Blue Collar - Background Check


Our Blue Collar Check range into both physical and online spheres. From roadways to airways to verify drivers & etc.. 

Background Check


Intuitive Info Services works for customer's Background Check for their hassle free hiring and validate the authenticity of their employee's.