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What does Real-Time Verification mean?

Real-Time Verification is where an organization confirms whether the data they are receiving from another party (a customer or supplier for example) is accurate, up to date and not present in duplicate records, as it is being captured.

Customer contact data is the most common example of where Real-Time Verification might be employed. Traditionally, organisations will verify the contact data they are receiving by matching it against reference data files such as the Royal Mail or against common syntax (right number of digits in a phone number for example).   

Contact data validation tools are commonly used to carry this out on websites and in call centres.

Why is Real-Time Verification important?

By verifying any data as it enters your database, you can ensure the quality of the data in your database remains high on an ongoing basis. Cleaning any data before it enters your database is also a more cost-effective way than allowing it in and then cleaning all your data on a regular basis.

High-quality data leads to:

  • More effective and accurate insights to be driven from your database.
  • Substantial time and money savings by reducing the amount of admin needed to correct the data and communications sent to incorrect or duplicate details.
  • A seamless and tailored experience for your customers driven by a single view of all their interactions with you.

Real-Time API

Our Real-Time API is a simple JSON based REST Web Service that allows our clinet's to verify individual & corporates data on-demand as a user enters them in a web form or mobile application.

It is a simple POST request with two parameters:

  1. Data: the Data to be verified.
  2. API key: the confidential API key for your IIS account. 

NOTE: Each account has a frontend and a backend API key. For server side implementations use the Backend API Key. 

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